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Segway A Fascinating Machine


The Segway is a fascinating machine, invented by an amazing man who, despite starting many successful and innovating companies, will always be remembered as the “Segway Guy”. Dean Kamen is a colorful character who has made his name as an inventor especially in the medical industry. Some of his most astonishing creations (He’s got 400…

5 Interesting Facts About Laura Secord

Laura Secord Drawing

OK – so, you probably know the legend. Just in case you don’t: Laura Secord famously walked 32km (almost 20 miles) through American-occupied Canadian territory to forewarn British troops that an attack was imminent on the settlement of James Fitzgibbon in Thorold during the American Revolution. Having prevented the surprise attack, the defeated American troops…

5 Interesting Facts About the Welland Canal

Cranes performing maintenance on the Welland Canal

1. This is the 4th Welland Canal. The current Welland Canal got started in 1913 and finished in 1932. However the first Welland Canal dates back to 1829 and had 40 locks! Before the Welland Canal, the goods had to be transported via a portage road between Chippawa and Queenston to avid Niagara Falls. That…